Play Structures

Our founder, Steve Calhoun, is creating this outdoor play structure for a private resident in Northern California.   It includes 3 difficulties of interactive LED climbing walls, a trampoline pit and a basketball court with auto-score.

Frisbee Golf application currently under design:

Learn about nature by taking a picture of an object and the iPad provides more information.


LED touch sensors that let the child see how high he jumps and records it.


Stairs and interactive floors with built-in piano keys & sound.


Fiber optic starlight ceiling that is always customizable by the child.

Slides can have running led lights that also flicker to the music.

Swing from the monkey bars as each one makes a silly sound as you work your way across.

THE SMART BACKYARD – coming in 2013

GenZplay can map out all of your trees, obstacles and structures on your property, and then we add them to your custom smart device application……. Combined with a simple bluetooth tracking system, the smart device will know where the child is on the property and setup random games. This system allows for an infinite amount of entertaining adventures.

This system also has an adult option, RFID stickers to put on your cellphone, keys, doggy collar, so that you never lose them again.

Attach led lights to various trees in the yard and your smart device will setup a random running course and keep track of your times.

The parent can hide prizes in your backyard and the smart device has mystery games to help the children find them.

Imagine your favorite childhood game and we’ll make it electronic and exciting for your child.

All playhouses are only wired with low voltage systems for safety.


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