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Grown-ups: Put down the smartphones at m

Grown-ups: Put down the smartphones at mealtime – The Chart – Blogs


How mobile developers are using games to help the victims of cyberbullying

Another way games are changing the world for the better. Our clients will be able to customize their own “Choose Your Adventure” stories in upcoming applications we are developing. Take a look at this one by Pixelberry.

The Internet of Things must move beyond mere novelty

Apple And Others Fund $750 Million In Education Gadgets And Internet Broadband

Move over, Oculus. This startup’s augmented reality will blow your mind.

USA Olympic Hockey trainees use special video game to sharpen their mental skills


From Screen to Exercise with the Gifted Child

Gifted. It’s a controversial word among parenting groups.

(If you want to see if your child has gifted qualities click here.)

Gifted children are thought to :

  • be highly sensitive to sound, touch, taste
  • be intellectually advanced compared to peers, but socially behind
  • have excellent verbal skills, but often times peers cannot understand their humor
  • read at an early age and often
  • sometimes have slower fine/ gross motor skills than kids their age
  • experience intense emotions
  • love knowing the “why” behind everything
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Exercise. It’s also a controversial word –  among many gifted families.

However, we all know the basic benefits of exercise:

1)  Increased blood and oxygen flow to the brain

(2)  Increased levels of norepinephrine and endorphins resulting in a reduction of stress and an improvement of mood

(3)  Increased growth factors that help to create new nerve cells and support synaptic plasticity

Exercise decreases depression in children too! If your child is stressed from the emotional pressures at school, its time to unwind outside. However, when they are in that heightened state close to meltdown… they likely want to check out with screen time.  If it’s at the end of a long day, your need to cook dinner and deal with the other children in the house may prevent you from enforcing what you know would be best for them in that moment.

When given the choice, will a gifted child choose technology or exercise?

Most people will choose technology. Gifted or not. Adult or child.  We love our screens!

In a study of 1500 children aged 6 to 15 years, 79% choose to watch television in their spare time.  Only 34% participated in sport or activity. Would you like to change that statistic? We would!

Would it help… if the technology actually helped you get your stressed-out kids outside?

We think so.

What if they didn’t have to choose between technology and exercise? 

The next step for this generation is to make outdoor play more enticing and even enhanced. The possibilities out there are growing with Google Glass and Bluetooth trackers.


Certainly, there is nothing like experiencing nature unplugged. 

Founder Steve’s son, the original GenZPlay Kid.

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How to teach proper running to kids

Fitness for Children and Families


Do you ever notice how some kids run like the wind-and others like they were knee high in mud?

A lot of coaches think that running style is inherited and there’s not much you can do other than to get in better shape. So coaches in youth sports have their athletes run and run and run.

They are wrong on both accounts. First, there is a lot kids can do to learn to run with better technique. And second, by doing a lot of slow running incorrectly, kids learn to run slowly incorrectly. And worse, they end up hating to run.

In this article I’ll point out some common mistakes kids make on technique and how to correct it. Then I’ll provide some tips on how kids should train to run faster.

Here are four common mistakes kids (and adults) make when they run.

1) Over extending the lead…

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The guiding iBeacon: Helping brands navigate customer relationships


In technology circles, beacons are the topic du jour; one of the biggest buzz makers as 2013 rushes to an end. It’s no wonder – the technology has the potential to be one of the biggest innovations to affect the customer experience since the smartphone. Beacons’ ability to bridge the online and offline world in new ways and reduce friction between customer and brand interactions will enable instant customer identification empowering brand representatives on the front lines to provide personal welcomes. Mobile payment adoption will speed up. Companies will optimize revenue through demand-based offers and pricing, a la Uber.

The focus of the conversation around water coolers has primarily been focused on the retail industry. Apple recently unveiled its iBeacon strategy, introducing the technology at all of its retail stores. The potential for beacons in the retail environment are vast: shoppers will be reminded about their favorite items and…

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10 kids books that should be movies…

10 Kids’ Books We’d Like to See Adapted As Movies (via Fandango Movie Blog)

By: Jacob Hall on December 5, 2013 at 4:52AM One of the strangest things about Peter Jackson’s three-part, nine-hour adaptation of The Hobbit is that the trilogy is based on a very brief children’s book, and that the source material had to be ruthlessly…

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