The GenZplay Team

Steve Calhoun, the Founder of Technical Visionaries, is the creator and CEO of GenZplay. His lifelong passion for sports, games and now, raising his son, Alex, has spurred a vision of outdoor electronic gaming and play-houses. Steve was first introduced to the Apple IIe computer in 1979 when his father was programming for LL Bean in Freeport, Maine. Steve has been working with Apple, PC and Unix system computers ever since.He started working with Home Automation and Home Theater systems in 1999, and his extensive knowledge of electronics has lead to the creation of the high tech outdoor equipment that makes up the backbone of GenZplay’s unique designs.
Steve has a degree in Architecture and is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer. He also has a US Coast Guard 100ton Captains License and he’s an extreme sports fanatic.

Alex, our CPO, Chief Play Officer, routinely scrutinizes our work for better and more enjoyable ways to play the GenZplay games. He brings to the table a group of friends, and beta testers, that make building these apps most enjoyable.


Dr. Adam Karns, MD, is a practicing internal medicine doctor in Beverly Hills since 1994. He brings the well-being perspective to the group and the desire to create an app that not only promotes health but can help with children’s medical issues, such as diabetes. He has a medical degree from the University of Health Sciences, Chicago Medical School.

Jason Burrill, Creative Director, is a national ranked snowboarder with many awards. He has a degree in Biology and a huge passion for nature, the outdoors and coaching children in Nordic and Alpine skiing. He has raced mountain bikes, and he has raced motorcycles on the motocross circuit. His extensive skill in sports and deep understanding of what is required to win at these sports gives him a meaningful insight into the association between the body and the mind.

He has already, and will provide a powerful creative drive to the creation of these outdoor applications. Jason started a residential and commercial painting company 15 years ago to subsidize his sports training. During the summer, he is busy running a crew of painters, and in the winter, he will rack up over 100 days of snowboarding and skiing. Jason is a USASA National Snowboarder-Cross champion and a USASA Giant Slalom champion.

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