Childhood exercise ‘may reduce effects of maternal obesity’

We are creating apps to make exercise more engaging for kids. This is why:

Stephanie Audrey Binder, MD

Pediatrics_November2A new animal study suggests that children of obese mothers could reduce their risk of developing negative health effects linked to obesity by exercising during childhood. This is according to a study published in the American Journal of Physiology – Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology.

Obesity during pregnancy can lead to many health problems for a mother, including gestational diabetespreeclampsia and thrombosis. It also increases the risk of the child developing obesity-related conditions as an adult, such as heart diseaseor diabetes.

Medical News Today recently reported on a study suggesting that excessive weight gain during pregnancy increases the risk of having overweight or obese children.

With these risks in mind, researchers from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, led by Kellie L. K. Tamashiro, conducted a study on overweight rat mothers and their pups to determine the impact of exercise on the rats’ appetite…

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Based in Sonoma Valley, California, GenZplay was founded in August 2011 by Steve Calhoun to make video games a physically active part of his son’s outdoor life. The company is focused on integrating gaming mechanics with everyday activities, especially those that need a mixture of fun and adventure to motivate and inspire. Follow GenZPlay at or Twitter @genzplay.

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