Technical Visionaries and GenZPlay Newsletter

Greetings and Happy New Year:

I’d like to thank you for your support over the past few years. Starting a new company in this economy was difficult, but I’ve made it past the hump, and incredible things are on the horizon. Technical Visionaries has a solid clientele base, and my new company, GenZPlay is doing well.

The future is very bright, and you will see the middle class entrepreneur rise greatly this year. The rapid growth in crowd-funding on websites like and indiegogo, has funded many individuals to create wonderful inventions and make their dreams come true. This will pull many dollars away from the big corporations and create many smaller and more efficient companies. Another boom is on the horizon, but it will be with a much more stable economy.

I’m writing you today to let you know about my end of the year special. My rates will be rising from $80 per hour to $100 per hour starting in March. Schedule some time before then, and get last years rates.

If you’d like to update any of your equipment or the software/firmware on any of your equipment, please schedule an appointment as soon as you can. If you are looking to upgrade your theater or save 20-30% on your electrical bill by installing a smart lighting and heating system, its the right time to do it. Most controlled lighting systems pay for themselves within 12-24 months. There are also some great new thermostats that save money and adjust to your lifestyle automatically. You can even buy an LED light bulb and connect it to an app on your iPhone or Android within minutes. Let me show you how to make your home more efficient.

Many of you already know that I created a children’s outdoor fitness app company in 2010 after the birth of my son, Alex. GenZPlay released the first children’s app in October and we are getting ready to release our 3rd update to the app in a few weeks.

I’ve taken on more than just kids apps, by building the 1st App designed for the competitors and spectators of a professional sports event. The Rahlves Banzai Tour ( features some of the best skiers and snowboarders in the country, on the most challenging and confidence-requiring terrain, at 4 major ski resorts around Lake Tahoe. The purse is valued at $80,000 this year. I will be competing in the race, and you can download the app for any smartphone, free, at Daron Rahlves is the most decorated Downhill and SuperG skier in the country, and competed in multiple Olympics. I’m proud to have worked with him and Bank of the West to create the first app of this type. Combining information technology with real-time statistics is a passion of mine, and it is the future of outdoor sports.

I’m also in the process of creating an app for Sort Your Story LLC (SYS). SYS is a genealogy app that is being designed for the iPad. We don’t like to call it a family tree app, but an app that lets your learn about the stories of various members of your family. We are using a fantastic marketing team and will be introducing the app to many teachers and school systems. The children will not only have first hand experience at researching their family, but also have the ability to be part of the app design process. You will be able to share your stories with others that own the app, making it easy to start your genealogy, if another family member has already done some of the research. The app will be available in April and we will be presenting the beta version at a genealogical convention, taking place in Utah, at the end of March.

Thanks for reading, and if you have an idea for an app, please just run it by me, as with my experience and wisdom, I’ll let you know if it can be the next Pandora or Angry Birds. 😉

Email or call me if you need any of these services. Thanks again for your support. I’ve attached some pictures below. The 1st is of my partner, Jennifer, Alex and myself. The 2nd is of three generations (GenZ) of technology wizards. By the way, GenZPlay, is also a play on Jennifer’s name, JennZPlay. I couldn’t have done it without her.

Cheers, Steve.


Alex, Steve, Jenn Doug, Steve, Alex



About steve@genzplay

Based in Sonoma Valley, California, GenZplay was founded in August 2011 by Steve Calhoun to make video games a physically active part of his son’s outdoor life. The company is focused on integrating gaming mechanics with everyday activities, especially those that need a mixture of fun and adventure to motivate and inspire. Follow GenZPlay at or Twitter @genzplay.

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