My first time on my dial up modem was pretty disturbing.

My first time on my dial up modem was pretty disturbing.

It was around 1995, and I finally owned my first computer. A good old IBM 386 that was in the storage room at the office I was working at. It needed a few things, so I bought a 2x CD Rom and a network card. I had just moved into a house with 2 other guys, and one of them was your typical tech genius, and had run 10-Base coax wire through all of the bedroom’s. We could play ROTT and World of Warcraft over the network. He even hitched up a treadmill to the games, so that he could lose some weight for his mule-riding trip into the Grand Canyon.

I eventually moved to a new house, cause it had a pool and a hot tub, and was closer to work. I setup my home office in the basement and invited one of my friends to come over and check out my new 28k dial up modem. Grabbing a couple of beers, we were ready to surf the Internet. We did what all 20-something’s do when we looked at the Internet for the first time. I can’t remember exactly what we typed into the search engine (don’t even remember what search engine we were using). Some links came back including one that mentioned something about stolen pictures and a couple that had murdered someone.

We didn’t know any better and were just curious to see what type of pictures people were posting. We clicked on the link, and up came a brief description and then some of the most shocking pictures I’ve ever seen. This photo shop employee had made duplicates of the pictures he was developing for a customer and had posted them to the Internet. The pictures were of a couple that was dismembering a person. The description said that this was a married woman and the guy was her affair. The decapitated person was her husband. She had asked her boyfriend to help kill him.

The very beginning days of the Internet were mostly un-moderated and I do wonder if the couple was ever caught. You could tell that the pictures were real, and not fakes. I know this is a very disturbing story to tell, but like our country in the wild west days, the Internet was a wild world when it started out. Restrictions are now in place on the Internet and we can now block our children from seeing such images, but I’m sure they still exist out there. Keep our children safe and moderate their usage. Talk to them about what they might see, and to always let you know if they saw something that disturbs them.


Disclaimer: All posts are based upon my perceptions. If any of the parties in the post have a different viewpoint, please contact me or comment below. These are just my memories.



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